Asbestos Legislation

Choosing a mesothelioma attorney

It’s likely at some point in your life you’ve seen a mesothelioma commercial. Attorneys attempt to reach victims of asbestos exposure through visuals, large text and repeating messages. The goal is to deliver the message quickly and effectively for retention. While occasionally mocked, law firms have a reason for such[…]

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Asbestos: Past risk or future threat?

Most people never think or worry about asbestos. Once deemed a miracle fiber, the substance’s use was largely eradicated after OSHA came into existence. What many don’t realize is the lasting effects of the carcinogen. At one time before the dangers were realized, asbestos appeared in a variety of manufactured items, from[…]

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Yale won’t revoke honorary degree from a man who caused an asbestos environmental disaster

In 1996, Yale awarded Stephan Schmidheiny an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters for his work in promoting stewardship for the environment. Many praised Schmidheiny based on his efforts to protect the planet and even referred to him as the Bill Gates of Switzerland. A verdict received in 2012 changed the[…]

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