Mesothelioma Support

Building a Support Network

When you are diagnosed with a cancer like mesothelioma, having the support of friends, family and others who are going through similar experiences can be critical to coping with the emotions and situations that arise. Talking about your disease is an important part of this process. Fortunately, there are a vast array of support resources available that allow cancer patients to share their stories, increase their mutual understanding and draw strength. These include private counseling, regional group counseling, online support groups, and the details you need to find the support group to best suit you.

How to Build a Support Network
Information from the American Cancer Society that discusses choosing a support group, how to talk about cancer, offers a cancer survivors network, and discusses American Cancer Society support and services.
Coping with Cancer: Supportive and Palliative Care
From the National Cancer Institute (part of the US National Institutes of Health), these resources cover everything from financial to emotional resources, in addtion to information for caregivers and children of cancer patients.
Support Group Resources
The Mesothelioma Center offers a comprehensive collection of support groups currently available across the U.S. Find one close to you!
Patient Support Network
At the Mesothelioma Center, we have compiled an extensive list of resources so patients uffering from mesothelioma and related diseases can communicate with other patients.
Online Support Resources