Coping With Mesothelioma

Handling Practical Matters

In addition to emotional support, there is information available on how to navigate through the complexities of the health care system, dealing with financial decisions related to your disease, and simply coping with everyday life.

Dealing with the Healthcare System
This is an online message board sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Share your concerns and experiences with others people in treatment; learn from others what has worked for them, reduce stress and gain confidence.
Health Insurance and Financial Assistance for the Cancer Patient
Empower yourself financially by learning how others diagnosed with cancer have dealt and are dealing with money issues.
Asbestos & Mesothelioma Compensation
Many asbestos-injuries are compensable by the companies who mined, produced, sold, and distributed asbestos and asbestos products. The law firm of Goldberg, Persky, & White covers some of the details of absestos compensation. Every case is unique; an asbestos attorney can best assess what compensation is available to you through legal channels.
Coping with Cancer in Everyday Life
A collection of informational & support resources from the American Cancer Society, designed to help patients and their families deal with cancer from diagnosis, to treatment, and just day to day.