Treatment Options for Mesothelioma: Gene Therapy

A gene therapy approach is designed to treat mesothelioma by correcting the genes that allow a cancerous tumor to grow, potentially controlling tumor size and spread. Like immunotherapy, gene therapy clinical trials are currently underway.

While a relatively new treatment, and still very much in the experimental stages, it is showing great promise and effectiveness in tests and clinical trials. Select from the areas below to learn more:

About Gene Therapy
What are genes? What is gene therapy? How does gene therapy work? Learn the basics of gene therapy.
Gene Therapy for Cancer and Mesothelioma
Learn more about how gene therapy is used to treat cancer and mesothelioma in particular. Read about the success enjoyed by the first person to receive gene therapy for mesothelioma.
Mesothelioma Gene Therapy Trials, Articles, & Abstracts
Information about recent advancements in gene therapy, review news articles, and reference gene therapy clinical trial information.
Gene Therapy Clinical Trials
A brief list of gene therapy clinical trials for mesothelioma and related cancer sufferers.
Gene Therapy Glossary
Antigens and vector viruses got you tongue-tied? If you're unclear about a term's meaning or just want a little clarification, this glossary will help you understand the terminology of gene therapy.