Finding a Mesothelioma Doctor or Specialist

Because mesothelioma is rare, most doctors are wholly unfamiliar with the diagnosis, progression, and treatment of mesothelioma. Thus, it is crucial, for patients to find surgeons and/or oncologists experienced in treating mesothelioma specifically. Three thousand patients annually means few doctors will see more than one or two in a lifetime, but it also means specialists will see hundreds, if not thousands, each year.

Mesothelioma Doctors

The following list of physicians specializing in mesothelioma may help you in your search for appropriate and effective medical care. This is by no means an exhaustive list and while we make every effort to keep this up-to-date, doctors and specialists do change jobs. Our last update is always available at the bottom of each page. (Physicians are listed in alphabetical order by last name.) Let us know if you see anything you believe is in error or out of date.

Select a name for more information, or view our mesothelioma doctor map above to see all these specialists listed on a US map.