Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Asbestos threat looms in Pennsylvania community

Ambler, Pennsylvania, is a small town near Philadelphia. Like other towns in the United States, it carries a deadly burden and legacy. The historic town, originally called Wissahickon for the railroad depot, served as stop on the North Pennsylvania Railroad. Soon after being renamed to Ambler, the industry that would[…]

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Asbestos: Past risk or future threat?

Most people never think or worry about asbestos. Once deemed a miracle fiber, the substance’s use was largely eradicated after OSHA came into existence. What many don’t realize is the lasting effects of the carcinogen. At one time before the dangers were realized, asbestos appeared in a variety of manufactured items, from[…]

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Libby, Montana faces new asbestos-related threats

While exploring northwestern Montana in 1916, prospectors made a unique discovery in the mountains that would forever affect the people in the nearby town of Libby.  This strange mineral was resistant to high heat and fire, making it ideal for construction materials. Mining began three years later of the vermiculite,[…]

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