Intraperitoneal MCY-M11 (Mesothelin-targeting CAR) for Treatment of Advanced Ovarian Cancer and Peritoneal Mesothelioma

This is a phase 1 dose escalation study to characterize the feasibility, safety and tolerability of MCY-M11 when administered as an intraperitoneal (IP) infusion for 3 weekly doses for women with platinum resistant high grade serous adenocarcinoma of the ovary, primary peritoneum, or fallopian tube, and subjects with peritoneal mesothelioma with recurrence after prior chemotherapy.

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Olaparib in People With Malignant Mesothelioma

Purpose: The drug olaparib may stop cancer cells from fixing damage to their DNA. It has been approved to treat certain cancers in people that were born with a mutation in the BRCA gene. It has not been approved for treating mesothelioma. But some people with mesothelioma have mutations in a gene, BAP1 related to BRCA. Researchers want to see if olaparib can work in patients with mutations in this gene. They also want to see if works on mutations in other genes or patients without any mutations. They want to see if olaparib causes mesothelioma tumors to shrink.

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Developing Optimal Parameters for Hyperpolarized Noble Gas and Inert Fluorinated Gas MRI of Lung Disorders

Purpose:The goal of this research is to optimize the MRI system to obtain ideal lung images using Hyperpolarized (HP) Noble and Inert Fluorinated Gases as contrast agents. Lung coils tuned to the frequencies of these gases will be used. This study will take place at TBRHSC in the Cardiorespiratory Department and in the Research MRI facility.

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