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Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Help Diagnose Mesothelioma

Published: April 30, 2021

Artificial intelligence could help treat mesothelioma in the future. Researchers in Scotland have been developing a prototype imaging system to help with diagnostics and therapeutics for the treatment of mesothelioma. It is being developed at the University of Glasgow and Canon Medical Research Europe. The artificial intelligence uses computer software to effectively detect and measure cancer cells. It can be a quicker and more accurate way to see how mesothelioma cells react to treatments like chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Artificial intelligence has the chance to make clinical trials more efficient. They could become faster, more accurate, and less expensive compared to the lengthy and expensive trials we have now. The artificial intelligence was created by inputting more than 100 mesothelioma CT scans. The computer program was able to find and measure new tumors with acute accuracy based on this data. It also allows more accurate measuring without human error and can detect very minute changes a doctor might not be able to see.

The researchers believe that the artificial intelligence tool will soon be used to detect mesothelioma tumors more precisely, improving treatment for the cancer. Being able to detect small changes in cancer cells is a game changer. Some clinical trials can now be done that would not have been possible otherwise. It also takes a long time to measure tumor volume, so the artificial intelligence doing it can save a lot of time. This tool, while great for mesothelioma, can go beyond the cancer and can be used to find and detect all types of cancer.

The study can be useful for multiple cancers, but it is focused on mesothelioma because it is a cancer that is hard to measure with CT scans. Mesothelioma is hard to read because it has a complex growth pattern. Artificial intelligence is not going to change how mesothelioma is treated, but it will allow doctors to make better decisions about what drug therapy to use. It can also make diagnosing mesothelioma much faster, which could improve survival times in the future. Mesothelioma is typically diagnosed at a late stage, making it hard for patients to receive life extending care like aggressive surgery and chemotherapy.


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