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Grapes and leukemia treatment may help mesothelioma

Published: June 25, 2014

Several research articles recently published detail new and innovative drug solutions to fight mesothelioma. Scientists from around the world continue to develop potential solutions with Korea releasing their findings tied to a leukemia treatment and red wine.

Published in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the study found clofarabine, a drug typically used with relapsed leukemia cases in children, combined with a chemical found in the skin of a red grape helps trigger cancer cell death in patients.

One of the goals of cancer treatment is targeting the harmful cells and avoiding healthy cells, a challenging feat with mesothelioma. The Korean scientists found by combining the grape skin chemical with the leukemia drug, this specific selection may be possible.

These and other findings continue to provide hope for victims of mesothelioma and bring the world closer to a cure for the asbestos-related cancer.


Lee, Y.J. & Lee, S.H. (2014). Resveratrol and clofarabine induces a preferential apoptosis-activating effect on malignant mesothelioma cells by Mcl-1 down-regulation and caspase-3 activation. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. [Link]

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