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Upcoming Mesothelioma Events in 2020

Published: December 27, 2019

If you are interested in learning more about mesothelioma, we have a curated list of different events coming up in 2020. If you live near or are able to travel to these events, they can help you and your loved ones understand the disease better.

Mayo Clinic Radiation Oncology: Current Practice and Future Direction

This event allows for a discussion about cancer treatment. There are didactic lectures, panel discussions, and poster sessions. Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hypofractionation, and integration of surgery will all be covered. It is from January 6-10 at the Westin Hapuna Beach Resort in Hawaii.

Sixth AACR-IASLC International Joint Conference: Lung Cancer Translational Science from the Bench to the Clinic

Topics to be discussed related to lung cancer treatment include preneoplasia, immunotherapy, molecular targets, drug resistance, tumor progression, and metastasis. It is being held from January 11-14 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego.

Advances in Liquid Biopsies

This conference is about the advances in liquid biopsies and how they can be used in the clinic. Topics include early detection with ctDNA, minimal residual disease and early-stage disease, hematologic malignancies, genotyping, monitoring of advanced disease and molecular resistance, circulating tumor cells, and alternative fluids. It is being help from January 13-16 at the Hilton Miami Downtown in Miami, Florida.

18th Annual Oncology Update: Advances and Controversies

This seminar is on the advances and controversies in cancer care. Some topics include results of lung cancer screening, diagnosis and management of treatment-related toxicities, value based care, disparities in cancer care, oncolytic immunotherapy, CAR-T cell therapy, and many others. It runs from January 17-20 at the Steamboat Grand Hotel in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Cancer Epigenetics: New Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities

This conference is on gee regulation. Some topics include chromatic architecture, structure, and function; systems biology, imaging, genomics, and drug discovery approaches. It is taking place from January 26-30 at the Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado.


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